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Martin Dudley has received National and International awards for his photography.

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Posted by Huawei Mobile on Thursday, 23 June 2022

Thank you for the Appreciation

“It is such an honour to be noticed and appreciated for my art. If it wasn’t for all your love and support I wouldn’t have the ability to work with such awesome companies and organisations.”

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The Mentorship Program:

“I remember in the film days when I used to work in a makeshift darkroom with my brother developing our Black and white photos.

The most incredible thing to see was your photo develop from a blank piece of paper into an amazing photo, simply incredible.

Today, I get that same feeling in my Mentorship Program when I see the beautiful images my students create. Watching them change from just average photographers into what they are now.

In the photographic camera world, they want people to believe that it’s all done in camera and it’s the camera and lens that captures amazing images. A camera is only a tool like the brush in the hand of the artist and the subject in the photo is only the canvas to paint on.

Without an understanding of composition and editing and the correct approach to photography, one can get so lost in this art form.

I had the amazing privilege to mentor and coach many photographers around the world and have taken them and their photography from ordinary to extraordinary.”

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